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Orlando Joseph Jett (born 1958) is an American former securities trader, known for his role in the Kidder Peabody trading loss in 1994. At the time of the loss it was the largest trading fraud in history.

The American Dream: Game of the Century

#1 Notre Dame vs. #2 Michigan State on 11/19/1966 is considered one of the greatest and most controversial games in college football history. This episode not only chronicles this uncharacteristic game and resulting championship, but also, it reflects on the integration and segration around American college football teams at the time, compounded with the general racial and political tension brewing during the late 1960s.

The American Dream: Game of the Century
Tony Dorsett


Tony Dorsett was the 1st overall pick in the 1978 NFL draft, and went on to become of the greatest running backs in NFL history. This episode gives us a first person look at what it took to get there, what it took to stay there, and the price he paid for achieving The American Dream.

Hard Fought

Hard Fought is an emotionally charged reality series set in Dallas, TX in 2020. Four fighters discover that it takes more than grit in becoming a contentder, and will learn to trust the guidance of their coaches, one victory at a time.

Hard Fought

The D.O.C. Project

The D.O.C. Project is a music-infused documentary series that organically centers on the reintroduction of the D.O.C.’s life, both past & present, all while helping to develop and brand a new generation of aspiring artists.